I was looking for an attorney that would help me obtain a restraining order for domestic abuse and to help me with custody/placement issues with my children. I needed someone who is strong, informative, and dedicated. Someone who understood the situation and knew what the best plan of action would be. I needed someone who is great to work with, keeps in contact, and does what is best for my children and me. Someone who would work productively and effectively to get done what needed to be done and more.
I contacted Margery at her Janesville office and believed she is everything I need in an attorney.
She is very poise and proper with a great attitude. She is very honest and will tell me exactly what she thinks would be best. She answers every question I ever ask in a very timely manner.
She is very organized and goes above and beyond to make sure I have everything I need.
She is very professional every time I talk to her. And most importantly, in the court room. I have seen some pretty heated moments unfold in the courtroom and she holds her poise and gets her point across very professionally in a strong yet calming manner.
Something that really makes me confident in her is the fact that she knows me. She doesn't treat me like just another person. She remembers every detail about my case and really takes the time to get to know me and the situation.
I really feel like she does her job so well not only because it's her job but because she WANTS to help people. She puts her heart into it. And that's what I look for in an attorney.
Plus her involvement in her community is awesome!
I highly recommend Margery.

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