My community involvement is extensive, I  truly believe that a strong community is important to people to thrive. Here are the activities that I participate in throughout the year.

Coaching Lacrosse - Janesville, WI

lacrosse-team2I actively coach a lacrosse team in Janesville, Wisconsin.  This is a sport that haslacrosse-team1 exploded in our region.  Teaching sportsmanship and integrity in our youth is very important to me.  As a coach, I know I  can be an enormous influence in the lives of children.  I believe my former players would recall that the best part of being part of one of my teams was, the positive attitude that was given to each of my team members.

lacrosse-team3Knowing that being a coach, is so enormously influential in the lives of children can be very humbling.  This means that coaches are responsible in helping young people and what derive from such moments can shape their lives.lacrossse-team2


Coaching young people today takes time and patience, but the task is certainly worth the effort!


Girls & Boys Club - Trunk or Treat - Janesville WI

trunkortreat2Trunk or treat is a safe alternative for our youth to enjoy the Halloween season.  Families, Businesses, Non-Profit Groups,boysgirlstrunkortreat and Student Organizations are encouraged to participate by handing out candy or goodies at the event.  They are also given the opportunity to win "The Best Trunk Award".  I have participated in this activity the past few years and really enjoy the camaraderie of the businesses and groups.  The kids always seem to enjoy the event.  Their smiles are priceless!


 MS Walk -Janesville


The MS Walk helps people living with MS and those whomswalk3 care about them. By participating in this our community raises funds to give hope to everyone impacted by MS.  Meeting people affected by this disease, helps me to understand how important it is that people that have MS need a large support system.  The support system needs hope that they mswalk2will be able to continue to provide their family members with medical care during their lifetime.ms150ride-with-team-CCC

I also participated in an MS bike ride as a team member with a few friends and colleagues.

Harbor House - Warrior Princess Team

Warrior-Princess-mudrun-for-Harbor-HouseHarbor House is domestic abuse shelter in the Fox Valley are of Wisconsin.  They provide safe, temporary emergency shelter to women in children in need.  A 24-hour hotline is also available for emergency transportation and a referral service.  A relative of mine that works with Harbor House suggested my involvement in this great community service.  Our team dressed as Warrior Princesses to participate in a mud run!

Family Serivces of Southern Wisconsin and Norhtern Illinois

Big Brothers & Big Sisters Organization Club

Starting this fall I will be a "lunch buddy" this fall for the Big Brothers & Big Sisters organization.