Margery is a fantastic attorney and a great person. She actually cares about her clients and works hard for them. I could not recommend her higher. If I should need the help of a lawyer in the future, Margery is the first person I will call..


I hired Margery to work on complicated litigation that involved a vast number of claims. She was able to work closely with me, identify all relevant case issues, and approach the case in a very detailed and professional manner. Without Margery, I am not sure the case would have concluded in the manner it did. I was highly satisfied with her representation..


I came to Margery with a complexity of post-divorce judgment issues that were stubbornly contested and contemptuous. She was extremely patient with me, always welcoming any history, facts, and perspective I had, yet professionally and compassionately discussed if the issues were applicable to case law or not. She always made me feel that any of my contributions were important. She was timely responsive and I was always kept informed and updated. She was superb with finding multiple case laws and defending my case factually and thoroughly with the same. Her strategies were outstandingly projected that subsequently protected me by preventing any more opposition. This is particularly important as one's defense is always challenged. Even more important, is that she has practiced and been a long-time resident in the area. She is always after your best interests and may suggest changes in strategy based on her experience. Margery is very trustworthy and won the issues in my case despite an opposition that was callous and relentless..

Divorce Client,

Margery helped my family when we discovered that my uncle was being abused and swindled by a neighbor. She had a history of other Elder Abuse cases so we were grateful for her knowledge and compassion. Margery was fierce in her desire to get justice for my uncle. I would highly recommend Margery for any family law matter you may need..